Petros has no hand in Oman venture – CMO


Petros has nothing to do with the venture in Oman as alleged in Sarawak Report article. – File photo.

KUCHING: The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) today clarified the online portal Sarawak Report’s reference to Petros in its July 20 article has got nothing to do with the state-owned petroleum company.

The office in a press statement was referring to the article entitled “Taib’s Secret Interest in Sarawak’s Petros Venture”.

It was understood that the article has gone viral in many chat groups and the social media. The CMO statement too has also been uploaded in Facebook.

“With regards to the content of the article, this office wishes to clarify that Petros, the state oil company and co-regulator of the oil and gas industry in Sarawak have nothing to do with the venture in Oman as alleged in the article,” CMO statement said.

Though there was a MoU signed but it had lapsed and it was merely an understanding for Petros to assist should the company intended to invest in Sarawak, the CMO statement added.

At best the article is only a speculation in an attempt to smear PETROS’ image for reasons only known to Sarawak Report, the CMO statement claimed.



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